Upcoming Service

NTCOF held its May service on the 7th. Our subject was "Miracles" and we considered a wide variety of ideas relating to this subject. It was uniquely appropriate on this day because it was also the birthday of the 18th centuy Scottish philosopher David Hume who had important things to say on the subject of miracles. Perhaps the most important idea is that violations of the observed regularities of nature fly in the face of all past and present observations of the regularities of nature. We viewed this video.

And we had good discussion on this subject as well.

More about the May 2017 service and other past services HERE in our Forum.

Next month's service will be on June 4th. Our attention then will be on something called "The Argument From Reason." This sounds like a good thing when, in fact, it is an attack on reason and the philosophical position of naturalism. It is likely that this will become a major line of attack by the supernaturalists as Creationism becomes less prominent. It relates to the subject of miracles as well since C.S. Lewis in his book on miracles advanced this argument and a book was also written to promote it as Lewis's "Dangerous Idea." In fact, we will show that it is a misconceived and ridiculous idea. As we always do, we'll talk about other things as well. It will be fun! As we have been and plan to for the rest of 2017, we will meet at the Comfort Inn DFW Airport North. The service starts at 10:30 sharp but come early as most of us do for coffee (and usually snacks — you can bring some!) and conversation.

Have kids? Bring them too as we offer free childcare and "Sunday School" which is aimed at helping our younger Freethinkers cope with the challenges of growing up by learning to ask questions instead of just being spoon-fed "the answers." If they're too young for that- and we have had folks bring infants! - we'll look after and entertain them. We want them to have fun too! Children of all ages need to learn that Freethinking is exciting, important, and absolutely "normal." In fact, Freethought is extraordinary!